Am I Saving?

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Lot Area (square feet) Average Landscape Area (square feet) Your Suggested
Outdoor Water Use for
Your Suggested Total Water Use for
4,000-6,000 2,800
6,000-8,000 3,900
8,000-10,000 5,300
10,000-12,000 6,700
12,000-14,000 8,000
14,000-18,000 10,000
18,000-24,000 14,200
24,000-30,000 18,500
To Use the Chart

1. Find your neighborhood using the drop-down box and the Neighborhood map.
2. Compare your lot size and estimated landscape area and suggested water use with your last months water bill. Click here for water rates in College Station.
3. The suggested outdoor water use is based on rainfall and average landscape area for your lot
using chart

How to Read Your Water Bill