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BV WaterSmart is a consortium of water interests in the Brazos Valley.


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Ronald Kaiser
Professor of Water Law and Management

Ronald Kaiser is a Professor of Water Law and Management at Texas A&M University and Chairs the Water Management and Hydrological Science graduate degree program. He developed the program and provides leadership for its administration.  His water research interests focuses on: (1) evaluating urban water conservation practices; (2) water marketing; (3) environmental flows; and (4) evaluating groundwater conservation districts.  He has published over 70 articles, two books and five book chapters.

Jennifer Douglass Nations
Public Information Officer

Jennifer’s duties for Water Services involve coordinating water conservation and public education efforts for the Water Services Department. She serves as the Public Information Officer for the Water Services Department, produces the annual Drinking Water Quality Report, provides programs on water conservation, water quality, and wastewater treatment, and coordinates College Station’s water conservation program. Her interests include water conservation, Xeriscape, water policy, and water reuse.

David Smith
Extension Program Specialist

David Smith is an Extension Program Specialist in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at Texas A&M University. He has 15 years’ experience in landscape irrigation auditing, is a Texas licensed irrigator, and owner of Texas Water Audits, a private irrigation auditing consulting business. For the past three years David has assisted City of College Station staff to conduct irrigation system checkups for their water customers. David is also working towards a Master of Water Management Degree and plans to graduate in Spring 2015.

Alan Lewis
Extension Program Specialist

Alan Lewis earned his M.S. from the Water Management & Hydrological Science program at Texas A&M in 2014 and holds a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from UCLA. During his undergraduate studies, he interned for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts and for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Through his graduate studies, he explored various topics in hydraulics and urban water management while investigating patterns in urban residential irrigation performance for his thesis.

Prakash obtained his Ph.D. is in Water Management and Hydrological Science from Texas A&M University. He holds B.Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Mauritius. His research interest include water resources management and the influence of climate change and climate variability on the hydrological cycle. He has been part of Brazos Valley WaterSmart since January 2013 and has been responsible for developing water consumption charts and mining water consumption data to unveil water use patterns and behavior.

BV WaterSmart is a consortium of water interests in the Brazos Valley.

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